The Fusion Inlay technique used to create
this collection is exclucive to Studio33.

Studio 33's Mayan Collection features
our unique 24K Gold and Silver Fusion Inlay
in Pendants, Bracelet and Ring.

Studio33's Fusion Inlay Mayan Collection is based on the 20 Mayan Timekeeper Solar Symbols. Click image for Mayan Collection Each piece is personalized to the wearer's birth and astrological interpretation using Mayan cosmology to provide the best possible replica of these ancient talismans. Each pendant also features a hidden clapper suspended from the bail - which creates a light bell sound to incorporate the sound activation prescribed by Mayan tradition. Pieces are available as a made-to-order items. The hand fabrication of all Mayan pieces is also coordinated with the strict codexes of Mayan Timekeeping -- averaging 8 or more weeks in their production time.
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Click for enlarged viewFusion Inlay Kogi Pendant
This glyph from the Kogi is their message from the "Heart of The World" - rendered by Studio33 as a fused inlay pendant using 24K gold and silver. The Kogi believe Gold is the blood of the earth. And that Life is regenerative.
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