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Studio33 offers 3 Gallery sections of handcrafted designs: The Bridal Collection, The Mayan Collection and an extensive Jewelry Portfolio of Rings, Pendants & Necklaces and more -- all handcrafted from sterling silver, gold, and/or platinum using a variety of semi-precious and precious gemstones. We design for and ship to customers around the world.

The Mandelbrot Set: Sterling silver and 14k rose gold, featuring melee diamonds and rubies with a pearl drop.

fractals..."The Mandelbrot Set"

A fascination for fractals and a request for “The Mandelbrot Set” as a pendant slide has resulted in the creation of the Mandelbrot fractal as jewelry. We are continuing to develop unique pieces based on fractals, beginning with this well-known Mandelbrot Set.

Introduced by Benoit Mandelbrot, this pendant slide represents the Mandelbrot fractal, which has been oriented to augment the heart shape that appears. The intention in the Mandelbrot series is to evoke the knowing that love is at the center of everything. It is intended to help humans to remember that love is a divine and ultimately powerful energy that holds the key to living in balance and harmony. With love all things are possible.

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