Featuring Rings, Pendants & Slides, Necklaces, Studio33's Limited Edition Series and many rare, one-of-a-kind pieces.
Plus Studio33's Newest Designs.

Fine Jewelry Wearable Art Designs -
Handcrafted Necklaces, Rings, Pendants & Slides,
Limited Edition Series, Award Winning Designs
and More...

Rings Portfolio: Designs available for customized made-to-order pieces that can be fabricated in a variety of metals and gemstones.
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New Design
New Designs Portfolio: Showcasing Diannah Beauregard's lastest jewelry creations for customers, charities, and available inventory. Includes all types of jewelry.
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Necklaces & Pendants
Necklaces & Pendants Portfolio: featuring handcrafted Pendants, Slides, Enhancers, and Necklaces including Studio33's most recent award winning designs.
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Limited Edition Designs
Limited Editions: featuring the Appalachia, Arcturian, and Pearls Revealed fine jewelry collections.
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Other Portfolios: Bridal Gallery, Mayan Collection, Jewelry to Benefit Charity
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